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AI's contribution to better management of loans.

Jan 29, 2021 12 min read

AI's contribution to better management of loans.

AI has been the talk of the town for a long time now. Every aspect of our existence is somewhat dependent or connected to Artificial Intelligence. But how does AI affect financial services? What is its contribution to the rise and popularity of fintech firms? In this article, Zavron will answer such questions and jot down some major advantages of AI and how it has transformed instant personal loan management in the banking industry.

Read on to learn AI’s contribution to better management of loans.

Advantages of AI

New age generation is unlikely to enter the financial institutions themselves physically. Yes, we are witnessing this shift because of the introduction of digitization in the banking industry. Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest contributors to simplifying the otherwise tiresome process and bringing convenience closer to you. In this section, we have listed a few advantages of AI for better understanding.

●     AI has definitely sped up the procedures

●     It has contributed majorly to bringing down the human effort and channelizing smart work.

●    It has eliminated the risk of errors and increased accuracy

●    The routine process which is mechanical in nature has been automated.

Ways AI transformed Loan Management

AI has transformed how loan management worked in the traditional financial system. Here are a few ways by which AI has brought changes in disbursing loans and managing personal loans better.

Easy determination of the creditworthiness

With AI and digital framework in the fintech firms, analyzing the creditworthiness of a borrower has become a lot easier. Since almost every citizen now has digital footprints, it becomes easier to track the financial data of an individual and detect discrepancies, if any are there. It was difficult to track past financial records in the traditional finance companies in India specifically.

Boosts industry capabilities

The capabilities of the banking and financial industries have improved substantially. With AI entering the financial world, there are numerous products and services that have reached the masses. With digitization and the advent of technology, even the untapped market of the traditional banking system has started gaining access and seek advantages off of it.

Amplified Customer experience

The young generation does not enjoy going to the banks and physically toil for hours just to get a clearance on a cheque or submit a loan application.  With the traditional banking system, it was difficult to meet customer expectations of ease and convenience. Fintechs came in at the right time with top-notch technological advancements and opened opportunities for many. They haven’t only accelerated the process but also resulted in better products and services so that the customers don’t have to necessarily go to the bank.

Better Risk Management

The banking industry is heavily reliant on external factors. Some of the factors include natural calamities, worldwide financial trends, currency fluctuations, and much more. In such cases, AI and its ability to give a predictive analysis help in preparing for unexpected events and take precautionary measures.

AI is helping in finding application in loan management and evaluating the probability of a client failing to pay back a loan. It helps in studying behavioral patterns from the past, smartphone data, and the AI analytics feature helps in predict future behavior.

Fraud prevention

Detecting frauds is one of the most important features of AI in financial services. The algorithms help in capturing real-time data and detect inconsistencies, discrepancies to prevent fraud. It also helps in conserving and protecting user data such as card details and user credentials, the data is stored in their database.

Automated Management

The introduction of AI in the financial industry has been a blessing. It has simplified management in financial institutions and automated certain processes to a greater extent. It has thereby resulted in reduced human efforts, time consumption, and margin of errors.

Better and Informed Decisions

AI analytics has helped banks and financial institutions to arrive at better, informed, and data-driven decisions for improved operational efficiency and increased revenues. The strategies and analysis are no more based on assumptions but on straight facts and data derived from the system. The data available is in a readable and processable format which can be used to firms advantage.


  • How will AI affect financial services?

Ans. AI has emerged as a success in financial services especially loan disbursal for it helps in the quick assessment of loan risks and loan underwriting.

  • How is AI being used?

Ans. AI is used for personalized experiences, better processes, and to bring the power of advanced technology to combat frauds, and improve compliance.

  • Is AI the future in financial services?

Ans. Yes, the future in financial services is highly dependent on Artificial Intelligence.

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