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Happiness at work means more than your salary!

Apr 26, 2022 15 min read

Happiness at work means more than your salary!

Employee happiness is correlated to the consequences of company outcomes. A clearly defined vision will act as a focal point for a positive work environment and an effective company culture will lead to balance at work. Research says stressful life situations can have a significant impact on the psychological functioning of an individual. Eventually, stress affects employee performance. The company ought, too, to take care of employees and keep them motivated for the better future of the company and internal growth of individuals.

The growth of a company is directly proportional to the growth of its employees.

In most cases, higher bodies or employers of the company think that employees need financial hikes when it comes to work wellness of the employee. Whereas money can be helpful to put a smile on their faces. But it's not the only way to keep your employees engaged. Keeping a work-life balance, being clear, offering fun benefits, or simply saying thank you regularly helps boost employee's enthusiasm.

Let's read 6 secrets that will keep your employees without the appraisal.

Make your employees part of your vision -

A company can only furnish to heights if its employees know why they are working. If a person working in a company has a soul purpose to earn money and money only, then He/ She will not give extra efforts beyond their services, to do so. You need to involve them and make your employees part of the big picture. When every person in a company is dedicated to the company vision, they feel fulfilled in order to give the desired outcome. When doing this you are giving them the opportunity to make a difference through the work they will be doing and also don't forget to guide them. Clear and regular communication on company vision will build the frequency and bond between team members and help them move with focus. A big picture or strong vision helps employees deliver better output.

Work-life balance

It can be challenging sometimes to balance personal and professional life at the same time. But it is essential if you don't burn out your energy at work. Often, in the process of meeting deadlines work takes a toll on our lives and sometimes we are in the race to become successful professionals. This may push our personal well-being and create harmony in the company.

Why is work life balance important?

Generally, when we discuss work-life balance, it is an equally important priority in both the career and the personal life. A good work-life balance has numerous positive effects, including fewer streets and more productivity. To avoid burnout at work, you can check out the list below Find a job that you love – honestly, it is not that easy to know what you want to do for life time, but little experiments and risk will help you find one. Except there is no such thing as a perfect work-life balance. There are going to be days when you will have to prioritize work and sometimes you will have to prioritize your personal life. Do not forget to prioritize your health - if you don't then after a point you will not be able to work efficiently. So, it is first and foremost a thing to prioritize your health over anything. Don't be afraid to take a break. I little break from work will help you from the burn out. Conduct team-building activities Businesses should take steps to create a space where employees can easily communicate and discuss ideas. A casual conversation, exercises and celebrating the festivals together help connect the bond between the employees. 3 effective team-building activities are Whiteboard challenge – This activity can be done by dividing employees into two teams one team will draw simple illustrations and the other will guess it. Zen Counting – this exercise develops mindfulness and patience. Two truths and a lie – Basically, you have to tell two truths, and one lie everyone else will guess which was the lie. Such activities will not only keep the fun alive in the office but also intensify team bonds in the departments and release stress, which will eventually increase productivity of the employees. Promote positive growth and work environment It is said if you want to build a happy atmosphere in your company you have to keep your employees happy. Internally in the office, by publicly acknowledging accomplishments in a shared space and group lunch, promotes a positive work environment. A company should also help employees grow and develop new skills. Set example You can't underestimate the power of giving importance to your employees. Setting an example does not mean accomplishing something great or creating a good image in your employees' eyes. You can just walk with a warm heart to keep your employees motivated. Research says if your employees feel connected at work, they tend to be more productive.

Recognize employee effort

If employees feel underappreciated at work, companies must know how important it is to appreciate employees at work. According to Gallup research, only one in a few workers received praise; this factor directly impacts turnaround outcomes and employee engagement. The research also suggests employees who don't feel appreciated are more likely to accept that they will quit soon. Usually, small businesses think employee recognition will be very expensive. But the truth is, people are not solely motivated by money or gifts. A simple gesture or simply a thank you can be a powerful way to make your employees feel more motivated.


Employee happiness and the progress of the company are closely related. Because the employee feels stress-free and valued, they tend to give more output than expected. It's like if the company takes care of employees, then employees take care of company progress closely.


What is one rule we must follow to be happy at work?

Do not expect that anyone will do you a favor at work. Do your task on your own. You can ask for guidance or help if you do not understand the task. It should not affect your ability to work.

How to survive a job that makes you miserable?

It can be tough sometimes to keep up with the work, at such a timeout must vent it out to your friend or cologne, it can get worse if you keep it in your heart because then you will keep feeling miserable. Understand, it might be the priory. Usually it happens to everyone, at certain points, people do get stuck at work; if this thing happens you can take a break.

What are 3 things that will keep your energy up at work place.

1. Build a strong social culture 2. Recognize the efforts of employees 3. Encourage work-life balance.

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