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How ZinCash users are helping us! Read our customer’s testimonial on this.

Apr 8, 2022 10 min read

How ZinCash users are helping us! Read our customer’s testimonial on this.

While conducting user experience program with our customers to understand the views they have had with ZinCash app during their loan application. Here is the story of Priyanka Pradhan, a digital marketing expert working in Bangalore.

How do we find out what to improve in our services or application?

We do it by taking productive feedback regularly and finding ways to resolve the problem and improve our services.

Recently we had a conversation with our customers. Here are some archives from the interview with Priyanka Pradhan.

Tell us about how you got to know about the ZinCash Personal loan app

One of my close friends recommended it to me as he took a 10,000 loan from ZinCash Last month. He too availed it 6 months back, now as He knew I was struggling through financial problem and needed to repair home. He insisted on applying for an instant personal loan through ZinCash app.

Why did you choose to avail a loan from ZinCash?

I needed a loan for the home renovation because of the selling damage and other small problems. It was getting out of hand, the selling in our living room was leaking. And as my salary was invested in my son's education, I couldn’t afford to repair it because of depleting savings.

Why do you apply for a loan on ZinCash and not on other banking or non-banking firms?

I tried taking a loan from a bank near my home. The loan process was too slow, the person working there told me it will take nearly 3 to 4 days also it needed many documents.

My friend told me he got a loan within a few hours, with the few documents needed.

Honestly, availing a loan from ZinCash personal loan app was too easy and hassle-free. It was so smooth, it just took a few clicks and as the process completed, money was credited to my bank account that too within a few hours.

It was much easier to get a loan from ZinCash than from any other reputed bank. The whole process was smooth, convenient, and instant as I expected. Plus, I didn’t have to go anywhere. I did it when I was watching TV from my sofa.

Will you recommend it?

I would recommend the ZinCash app for an instant personal loan in Mumbai because it is easy to use and quick. It is very convenient to use.


We as a team work together to make our services as smooth as possible. Customer satisfaction and good experience are the measures of our success. We invest our efforts to ensure our customers are facing the least problems possible.

Whether it is the process, ease of application, documentation in the application, or the instant disbursement of the personal loan, we strive to improve at every step of our process.

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