How Zavron Helped People in The Pandemic with Personal Loan Offers

May 14, 2021 15 min read

How Zavron Helped People in The Pandemic with Personal Loan Offers

The Covid-19 Pandemic has shattered everyone’s life adversely. Masks and social distancing have become the new normal, work from home and study from home has become the new lifestyle. Laptops and other electronic gadgets have become the essentials and medical expenses have shot up drastically. Economic burdens have increased but financial conditions have hit rock bottom.

No doubt the times are tough but there is a silver lining in these dark times too. Zavron Finserv is here to help you during these testing times just like a true friend of yours.

Zavron Finserv, A Friend in Need

Zavron Finserv, a Non Banking Finance Company, has been offering you an instant Personal Loan at competitive interest rates within a few minutes of your application. These personal loans serve as your cash partners in the times of needs and emergencies. Whether you need a laptop or a tablet, facing a cash flow gap for your business, any medical emergency, marriage or higher studies of your children, whatever your requirement may be, you can always count on us for hassle free personal loans.

Personal Loan at Zavron Finserv in COVID-19 

Zavron Finserv is providing personal loans during COVID-19 to you to meet your various financial needs. This loan money helps you to overcome any money crunch faced by you or any of the medical or emergency expenses during these pandemic times. In the times when everyone is facing either salary cut or decline in business and ever rising expenses since the onset of the pandemic, these COVID-19 personal loans bring hope in the lives of its customers.

Eligibility Criteria of COVID-19 Personal Loans

Zavron Finserv provides you with simple, quick and hassle free personal loans and the eligibility criteria for the same is as follows:

Good Credit Score

If you are going to apply for a Personal Loan, make sure you have a good credit score. The range of credit score is between 300 to 850. To avail a Personal Loan at Zavron, you must have a credit score at least between 670 to 730 which is considered to be good. If your credit score lies between 731 to 799, it is considered to be very good and above that the credit score is considered as excellent. To maintain a good credit score, try to pay your bills in time and keep your credit card balance below the limit, pay off your debts, if any, as quickly as possible.

Timely EMI Payments

You must have the habit of maintaining a good balance in your account to avoid any cheque bounce and must pay your EMIs regularly and on time. The people who have the history of cheque bounces and have been irregular in paying their EMIs are not eligible for the COVID-19 Personal Loans. So, it is suggested that you should always pay your EMIs regularly without skipping them every now and then and make sure to maintain the needed balance whenever you issue a cheque.

Conditions to Avail a Personal Loan in COVID-19

Personal Loan is an unsecured loan. So, it can not be provided to anyone and everyone. Being an unsecured loan, we don’t demand any collateral for it. So it is important to check your creditworthiness and for this your credit score and credit history should be well maintained as we verify it for loan disbursal.

Personal Loan can be granted to those who make sure to pay their EMIs regularly and on time. It is important for you not to ignore the payment of your EMIs and bills to maintain a good credit score. Also, you must be on regular pay-rolls. Regular salary payouts make sure that you will be able to repay your personal loan without fail.

How Zavron Finserv is Helping During Pandemic

When we say that Zavron Finserv is helping its customers during these testing times, we ensure that we follow the rules and regulations set by the government and ensure that all the checks are made before disbursing loan amounts.

We are accepting the Personal Loan Applications during these testing times and we are disbursing the loans to those who satisfy the eligibility criteria set.

We at Zavron Finserv, not only provide personal loans to new customers but also we have provided top up to many of our existing customers because we value our customers and we are standing with them in their tough times just like a good friend.

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