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Step-By-Step Guide For PAN Card Online And Offline Correction

Feb 19, 2022 15 min read

Step-By-Step Guide For PAN Card Online And Offline Correction

As India embraces the digital age, having your up-to-date credentials in government issued documents such as PAN card and Aadhar card are increasingly becoming important. In a previous post, we shared with you how you can file a complaint against your Aadhar Card online, but what can you do if you have incorrect information on your PAN card?

That is exactly what we will be answering in today's blog post, and the best part is, we will share with you both online as well as offline processes.

Thus without further adieu, let's get started.

How to Update Pan Card Online?

These days the Income Tax Department of India has a robust system online which you can leverage to update your pan card details. In order to correct your PAN Card information online, you simply need to follow the steps outlined below.

●      As the first step of the process, you need to visit the Tax Information Network portal, which is run and managed by the National Securities Depositories Ltd. or NSDL.

●      Once there, locate the tab which reads “services”. Click on the dropdown, and from there, select PAN card.

●      A new page will open, and here you will need to select the Change/Correction in PAN data option located at the top of the page.

●      On this page, you need to locate and click on the Apply button, post which you will be redirected to the Online PAN application page.

●      Once here, select the dropdown which reads Changes or Correction in PAN Data and from the same select your applicable category.

●      Here the correction application form will open for you, and you need to share your title, first name, last name, date of birth, registered mobile number and email address, existing 10 digit PAN card number and country of citizenship.

●      In order to submit this form, you will need to complete the captcha and post-submission, you will receive a token number in your email.

●      Next, you will need to locate the option which reads Continue with PAN Application Form and here, you will need to submit the token number you just received for accessing the online correction form.

●      Once there, you will need to submit the relevant documentation, such as your parent's Aadhar card number via eKYC or eSign.

●      Once done, you can proceed with changing your current contact number or communication address.

●      Lastly, you will need to submit any additional documentation they request, along with providing consent for the change.

●      On the final page of the correction form, you will need to pay the correction amount and collect your acknowledgement slip.

●      Once the final stage is complete, you will need to visit NSDL e-Gov's Income Tax PAN Service Unit and upload your acknowledgement slip with any other additional documentation they might request.

How to Correct Pan Information Offline?

Now that you are aware about how you can correct your PAN information online, shared below is the set of steps you need to follow in order to do the same offline.

●      As the first step of the process, you need to download the PAN correction form from the official website of NSDL and take a printout of the same.

●      Once done, you need to complete the form with your accurate information and post that, submit it at the nearest NSDL collection centre. At this step, it is crucial that you avoid any mistakes in the form, as you will need to reprint it in case of any.

●      Post your submission at the NSDL collection center; you will receive an acknowledgement slip, and you will need to make the payment at the counter.

●      Once the payment is complete, you will need to send your acknowledgement slip to the Income Tax PAN Service Unit of the National Securities Depositories Ltd. At this stage, you need to ensure that the acknowledgement slip reaches NSDL within 15 days of you receiving the same.

●      Along with this, you will also need to send a handwritten letter to the jurisdictional assessment officer informing him of the same.

How Much Does Pan Correction Cost?

One of the biggest advantages of the Income Tax department implementing a streamlined process is that, the cost of making a correction is quite affordable. In case you choose to make a change in your PAN information either via online or offline processes, you will need to pay ₹110 in case you have an Indian communication address and ₹1020 if you have an international communication address.

How to Change Your Name in your Pan Card?

While this might appear surprising at first glance, in reality, there have been multiple instances wherein account holders have requested a name correction in their PAN cards either due to spelling mistakes, marriage or otherwise. Thus, if you require a name correction in your PAN card, you will need to take the following steps.

●      Visit the official website of NSDL and download the PAN correction form.

●      Once completed, you need to submit it along with a recent photograph of yourself. Along with this, you will need to upload a list of documents requested by the authority, such as Aadhar card, marriage certificate etc.

●      Post uploading of these documents, proceed to the payment gateway and make the payment for the correction.

●      Once the acknowledgement slip is generated and sent to you, you will receive the fresh PAN card in 45 business days.

Why Should You Have Accurate Details in Your Pan Card?

These days you need to share your PAN card information every time you want to avail a financial service such as applying for an instant personal loan. And since most of these applications automatically cross check your information against government records, any mismatch might decrease your chances of getting approved, and thus it is always advisable to keep your PAN card information up-to-date.

In Conclusion

Now that you know how to update your PAN Card information online, go ahead and check if there are any mistakes in your PAN card worth correcting. All the best.

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