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What is Marriage Loan? How to apply for it?

Feb 5, 2021 12 min read

What is Marriage Loan? How to apply for it?

What is Marriage Loan? How to apply for it?

Are you prepping up for one of the most special ceremonies of your life? But fewer funds in hand are posing as a problem? Don’t worry! You can apply for a marriage loan and fulfill your dreams without any worries.

But what is a marriage loan? A marriage loan is a loan that an individual applies for the purpose of marriage under the personal loan, i.e., an unsecured loan. It comes in handy when you are dealing with huge planned expenses and don’t want to fall short in front of any unexpected expenses as well.

Primary Features and Benefits of Marriage Loan by Zavron Finserv

Now that you know what a marriage loan is, we would like to highlight what are the major features associated with it and what are the benefits that Zavron Finserv offers on an instant personal loan for marriage.

Instant Application

Applying for a wedding loan with Zavron is quick and seamless. You can easily fill the information form with all the particulars and we’ll assess you for the loan eligibility and loan amount disbursal.

Quick Disbursal

With top-notch technology to assess your credit worthiness and carry out processes smoothly and faster, Zavron has the capacity to disburse loans quickly. Apply for an instant personal loan or marriage loan today and get the loan amount in your account seamlessly.

Minimum Documentation

Applying for a wedding loan is easier with minimal documentation. You just need to fall under the given eligibility criteria and only a few documents will be required to transfer the loan amount to you.

Loan of up to 10 lacs

You can apply for a marriage loan of upto 10 lacs. Now manage your wedding expenses and last minute emergency transactions to fulfill all your dreams with a personal loan for the wedding.

Eligibility criteria

When you are planning to apply for a wedding loan, you must go through the following list to ensure that you make the best choice. Here is a list of factors to keep in mind.

Factors to consider before applying

The budget of the wedding - Before applying for the loan, make a budget of the expected expenses including all the provisions. Set an upper limit to your expenses and apply for the loan accordingly.

Eligibility - While applying for the loan, ensure that you fulfill the eligibility criteria decided by the lender.

Loan amount - After calculating the expected expenditure, finalize the loan amount you must apply for and fill the information in the personal loan application form accordingly.

Credit score - Another important factor is checking your credit score. Have a look at your credit score and make sure that it doesn’t hamper your chances of getting loan approval.

Once you ensure that everything is in place, look at the following eligibility requirements and documents, apply for the personal loan thereafter

●    You must fall in the age bracket of 21 years to 60 years

●    You must be employed in a private, public, or government sector

●    You must have a minimum of 2 years of experience

●    You must have completed 6 months’ tenure with the current employer

●    You must earn at least Rs. 1,80,000 in a year

Documents Required

●    KYC documents (Aadhar Card, PAN Card, etc.)

●    Last 3 months’ salary slips or ITR of last 3 years

●    Your bank statements for the last 6 months

How to apply for it?

Once everything is in place and you have collected all the documents and ensured that you meet the eligibility criteria. It’s a quick job to get loan approval. Here is a step by step guide on how to apply for a personal loan at Zavron Finserv.

●       Go to our website

●       Click on the ‘Products’ tab in the header above

●       Go to the personal loan option and click on it.

●        Scroll down and fill the loan application form after reading the benefits and requirements carefully.

●       In the loan application form fill the information such as type of loan, name, contact details, and your message.

●       After filling in the details submit the loan application form.

●       We will verify all the details and let you know your eligibility quickly.

●       Once you are given a go ahead, submit the documents mentioned above.

●        After verification of your documents, you will see what the loan amount that you are eligible for is.

●       Post that loan amount will be disbursed to your account.


  • Can you get a loan for a wedding?

Ans. Yes, you can get a loan for a wedding easily with Zavron Finserv. Just apply for a personal loan and use the loan amount for your expenses on the marriage and other functions.

  • How much loan can you get if your salary is Rs. 15000?

Ans. The loan depends on multiple factors including your salary. We would advise you to fill the form and get to know how much loan amount can be disbursed for your needs.

  • How can I get a marriage loan?

Ans. You can get a marriage loan easily. Just fill the application form and provide the documents to check your eligibility and get the loan amount.

  • Do fintechs offer marriage loans?

Ans. Yes, Zavron Finserv offers marriage loans to eligible borrowers. They can borrow an amount of upto Rs. 10 lacs.

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